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This is the second full length studio album from Montreal stumble punks Society's Ills.


released August 22, 2013

Society's Ills are:
Bass and back up vocals - Skid Marc
Drums and no mic - Brent Over
Lead Vocals - The Naj
Guitar and back up vocals - Danarky

Engineered and mixed by Ron aka Ryan Battistuzzi at Beatbox R
Mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room

Additional back up vocals by Colin Moore
Gang vocals by Scott, Matt and Eric from the East End Radicals as well as Nick Fucking Raz from the BCASA.


all rights reserved



SOCIETY'S ILLS Montréal, Québec

Montreal's finest stumble punks!


"[for] those who like their punk rock fast, loud and raw" -

"their self-titled full-length is more than just a fluke ― over these 14 songs, the quartet fire off a searing [...] blast of rattling melodic hardcore" -

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Track Name: Pont Champlain
Pont Champlain

Landmark of urban decay
Lone relic in the fray 
For another day

Concrete and rusted steel
Structural integrity revealed
Soon destined
For the newsreel

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Meet your fate it's hell or heaven
Cross but do so at your own peril

When the Champlain bridge comes tumbling down
I hope we're not around
To meet an early grave
As the frigid waves thrash us around
I hope we will not drown
As the current takes us away

Don't let the undertow
Drag you under
Track Name: All The Same
All the Same

Some people spend their days with their heads stuck in the sand

Following purported words of a said to be sacred man

They extend no olive branch, don't have the time of day

No open mind for those living such a different way

It's a thin line

Between the perverse and the mundane

No grand divide

'cause in the end it's all the same

Who listens to the other side

Some people live in contempt of conservative ideals

Ridicule faith derisively with endless zeal

They extend no olive branch, don't have the time of day

No open mind for those living such a different way
Track Name: That's How It Goes
That’s How It Goes

Every now and again it seems people tend to fall apart
Chalk it up to what you will but it’s not for lack of heart
When did getting your life in order become such a lost art
Where would you even start

Somehow I feel as though we’ve been through this before
Yet again the same outcome but no one’s been keeping score
How long must this go on, how long can we endure
Nobody knows for sure

Repeat, the refrain
Of “I don’t care”, to numb the pain
Pursue an outcome predestined
It’s yours to write out in the end
Self-fulfil your destiny
Convince yourself your litany of woes
Will tip the scale in favour of failure
Tell me is that how it goes

Go through the motions
We will go through the motions
Track Name: Indolence

Growing inequity in class
Income disparity through the looking glass
Introspection feels like way too much to ask
Inaction catches on so fast

March single file into the figurative gloom
Our indolence is well on track to seal our doom
The shadows loom

Ignore the past
Condemn ourselves
To mistakes we’ll forever be repeating
Life is short
Regret is long
And opportunity is fleeting

Wisdom befits the sedate
Whereas the masses can simply not relate
That which requires an effort far too great
Will simply not reverberate
Track Name: The Fire
The Fire

Beyond child’s play
Little hands fumble with matches
Eyes light up at the sight of flames
Innocence betrays
Marvel ebbs as panic sets in
It’s hard to breathe amidst the smoky haze
And the heat from the blaze

Struggling to find the elusive exit
The attic no longer damp and cold

Stumbling, Crawling
Squinting as the smoke burns bloodshot eyes

Squinting, Stumbling and Crawling
While the smoke keeps thickening
Lungs can no longer breathe it in
The dire lack of oxygen
Brings panic fear adrenaline
Thoughts soon turn to giving in

Indiscriminate wrath
The fury of a scorching fire
Consumes everything in its path
Between blackened walls
Charred wood and hollowed framework
It won’t be long before the structure falls
Track Name: Adversity

I’ve seen greater men marginalized
I’ve seen their whole life’s work capsize
Before my eyes / Before my eyes

I’ve seen dedication trivialized
I’ve seen devotion tossed to the side
Before my eyes / Before my eyes

Why… why do we bother even try
It’s all a waste of time
Make every effort to transcend
It makes no difference in the end

But I’ve seen evidence to the contrary
I’ve seen another outcome, noteworthy
Rise above

So many fucking reasons why
Why we bother to try
It’s not always a waste of time
Make every effort to transcend
It can make a difference in the end
Track Name: Generation of Entitlement
Generation of Entitlement

Imagine now, that your actions mattered
Just as though, each day that passes by
Could make a difference, or even slightly impact;
Have any bearing on the rest of your life

We pass our days, coasting by
You cannot fail if, you never even try
In a daze, collective sigh
Not a sign of apathy, it’s a battle cry

We are typecast, we are pigeonholed,
It is high time that we retook control
Time to shed ourselves of this epithet
As “the generation of entitlement”

Painted with the same brush
The image they evoked
Will be said to have been banished
The day that we awoke
Track Name: The Last Word
The Last Word

Revere the armchair pundit
Well versed in crackpot views
The anti-literati
Don’t have to read the news

And when rational discourse
Cannot even begin
To match the louder voices
Spouting bile through crooked grins

Don’t you know
Our time is coming
Our time is coming to an end

So shrug your shoulders, hang your head
And pay no mind to what is said
And when the time comes
If the thin lines are blurred
Who will get in the last word

We know enough to know that
We know nothing at all
With those in disagreement
It’s like screaming at a wall

Wouldn’t it be simpler
If all was black and white
If polarized and divisive
Meant that you were always right

We will get in the last word
Track Name: Fool’s Errand
Fool’s Errand

Much broken glass litters the path
On the sordid road to redemption
Blister your soles and cut your teeth
But try not to lose your direction

Don’t try rewriting history
This time regret won't set you free
Sometimes you gotta let it be
What’s done is done
And it won’t rattle me

Much time is spent on regimens
Of remorse and introspection
Now understand it’s a fool’s errand
Deliberating those pointed questions

The same old thoughts
Loop in my brain
The same old thoughts
Repeating again
Gotta let it go
Track Name: Ghost Story
Ghost Story

The clouds formed overhead as if the sun had once again refused to shine
In darkness a sight burnt in my eyes and a chill ran down my spine
If ignorance is bliss then thoughts alone are cause enough to lose your mind
And lucid thoughts will haunt your dreams almost every single time

If living is breathing and seeing is believing
I'll try to act surprised when my heart stops beating
I have seen the dead but you know I don't believe it
I'll try to act surprised when my heart stops beating
So I won't hold my breath for Lazarus repeating
I'll try to act surprised when my heart stops beating
I have seen the dead but you know I can't believe it
I've seen the dead but you know I won't believe it

That night eight years ago, on a windy road, Maxwell Martell sitting by my side
The trench coat man, his steely stare, it was I alone who looked him in the eye
Track Name: STM

Riding in the 55
Like St-Urbain's Horseman
While taking utmost pride
In the novelty therein
Riding alongside the huddled, surly & forlorn...
The amenities may be shit but at least we're keeping warm

Attention - Une intervention des ambulanciers
nous obligent a interrompre le service sur la ligne orange
entre les stations Cote Vertu et Montmorency
pour une durée indéterminée

Riding the orange line
Will get you there on time
Except for when you're running late
and someone's on the tracks
because they had a really bad day
[had a really bad day]

Public transit subculture
the lower middle class
a mode of transportation
written off by most as crass
but when we need to get around
we do so always en masse
because walking across town
is a pain in the ass
Track Name: Time Will Tell
Time Will Tell

Who knows what the future will bring
Who knows what'll become of all living things
Who knows if we're all on the brink
Who knows if this ship's gonna sink

Four out of ten
Think the world is gonna end
In their own lifetime
What will not end
Is their narcissistic bent

Time will tell us if a revolution's been spawned by this groundswell
Time will tell us if instead the communal fervour has been quelled
Time will tell us that despite signs to the contrary all is well
One cold day in hell

We're not afraid of the unknown
We do not face this fate alone
A fate that we cannot postpone

Count down with me
Count down with me until we've reached the end
Track Name: Tour Song
Tour Song

It may not be full time for now
A good chance it’ll never be
But there’s no doubt in my mind
That this thing’s a part of me

‘Cause when we hit the road, when we hit the stage I feel alright
It’s a drive, an instinct that I never want to fight
There’s something cool about meeting new people every night
And partying after the show well into… well into the daylight

Through weary bloodshot eyes
We watch the sunset rise
Hope to catch some shut eye before we hit the road again
Load up the van so tight
Get a playlist on just right
Do it all over in a different town tonight

Thanks to all those
Who support us along the way
And thanks to all those
Who come out to all the shows

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